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Updates on DSLO and a new project
Every time I feel like I should scrap Dark Skies Looming Over because I took so long to release a chapter, twice, and I think my readers have fled, I get a really awesome message from someone and I get excited about the project again. Not that I'm truly going to abandon the fic, I promise. I just get frustrated with myself sometimes. I have a series of large projects coming up, and I'm feeling stuck on chapter five. It's actually pretty much written, but it's very first draft, and I can't seem to focus enough to polish it. Which sucks, because I need to get six and seven written so that I can maintain that once a month update despite a chaotic filming schedule this summer.

Anyway, that should be done soon. I just feel bad because Dark Skies is still starting, so I'm leaving people confused and hanging. But once I get chapter five out, I will do my absolute best to not let more than a month pass in between updates.

That in mind, I've definitely learned my lesson. I'm not 17 anymore, and though I'm very glad my writing has improved since then, it also means that I can't just crank out a chapter a week like I used to. So my next project, the one I plan to run simultaneously with DSLO, is going to be at least a quarter of the way written before I even start to post it. At the moment, the story is called Gutter, but that could change. I'm currently looking at a late fall release date. We'll see.

Gutter is the story of a corrupt society wherein the government is not-so-secretly run by the very wealthy, rather than those supposedly in power. There are three rivaling families with conflicting opinions on how the city and the people in it should be handled. The main characters are part of a complicated family tree, and a business layered with practices of varying integrity. At the top, they heavily influence the justice system. At the bottom, they work in illegal trade, selling drugs and weapons that both control and destroy the common people beneath them. Over the years, a rebellion has formed with an effort to overthrow the iniquitous families and their business practices, but as the police force is slowly replaced with crooked cops and the judicial system is poisoned with bribed officials, the fate of those who dare to rebel becomes increasingly dismal.

The story is told from a number of perspectives, all related to the Vladistine family. This story will be dark, violent, and in ways, a bit depressing. But there's hope at the other end, and that's what keeps the characters going.

I'm actually really excited about this project and already have the first chapter written. I plan to have about ten or so before I start to release it, and I hope to update every two to three weeks, rather than every month. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know where I'm at. I hope all of you are doing well! Fingers crossed that I'll have a new chapter for you very soon.

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I've waited four years for an update to a fic I was reading, so don't worry about taking a long time to release chapters. Part of reading WIPS is waiting for updates.

The new project sounds great too. I look foreward to reading.

Well that's good to know! Thank you for the encouragement, and I'm really glad you like the sound of Gutter. I'm hoping for a huge burst of inspiration that would allow me to write a bunch of it over a few days so that I can start posting sooner.

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