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Aaaaand silence.
So, as you may or may not have noticed, I have been gone for over a month. It's been far longer than I intended, and I feel badly about that, but a lot has come up. For one, I've had a lot of tragedy popping up lately. But mostly it's just because I've felt stuck, and the person I talked to to help me get my creative juices flowing has left me for the time being. No clue when she'll be back.

That doesn't mean I can't create on my own, oh no. I do fully intend on keeping this and any other project going until the end! I just fell a bit behind. I know some of you have probably grown impatient with me and moved on, and I understand. It can be hard to wait that long for a single chapter. I wanted to take some time and build up a lot of buffer, but life has just been kind of hectic lately. Maybe I'll get a chance next week, but I think that'll mean locking myself in my apartment and turning off my phone. Heh, maybe I should do that.

At any rate, Luke and Adam will be back soon, and I have a few other projects that I'm hoping to eventually start posting this year. I wish I were better at juggling projects like I was when I was younger. I get too distracted these days.

I hope you're all well, and I'm sorry for yet another long absence. I just wanted you to know that the story wasn't abandoned, and I'll be back soon enough. Thank you to all of those who stuck with me!

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I'm sorry to hear life's been rough. Good on you for sticking at your projects though. I don't really have any excuses for slowing down, but it happens anyway. Not giving up is the main thing.

Thank you for the support! I'll be okay, it's just been weird lately, and death is just all over the place. It's scaring me, because for all of the people I know that it's taken recently, it still hasn't taken anyone I've been super close to *knock on wood* so I'm very worried that may be next. Ugh. Hope not! x_x

I want to talk to you again! It's been a really long time! We should find a time when we're both on, both feeling good and not rushed or whatever, and we should chat about writing. And life in general. ^^

Yeah, I've got almost no one online to chat about writing with anymore. It'll be good.

'Tis okay! Things happen :) I'm still here waiting for the next chapter update, and I will be back to read it when you post it! :)

(Don't feel too bad about taking so long, either. For one of my stories, it took me a year and a half to update a four page chapter... ah, laziness ensues <3)

Anyway, a long time ago when fictionpress was booming, I served for some of my favorite writers an encourager of sorts. Since yours has left for the time being, I'd be happy to help you along as well should the need arise!

Looking forward to more Luke and Adam soon! <3

Thank you so much! I really appreciate knowing that there will be some people when I return. I clearly need to hold back from posting future projects until they're fully written or close to it. Thanks for the encouragement, too. Four pages, huh? I feel like I'd totally do something like that, so hey. Kindred spirits! Haha~

You know, if you enjoy the story enough to want to discuss it with me, I would really love to have someone like that to chat with now and then. I used to have someone like that ages ago for a different story, and it really helped. You left such a thoughtful comment, too, so you seem to really understand the intricacies of a story. Honestly, just talking to someone about the project is enough to help me stay focused half the time. Thank you for offering, seriously! If you're free in about a week (cause this week will be crazy busy), please let me know, and we could try chatting on aim or whatever. Hopefully by then my brain will be working again. I feel like there's a lag in my thought process right now, heh.

OK! I'd love to! I'm sorry for the late reply myself, by the way--it's been crazy busy for me too. The only time I have to chat is on the weekends... but let me know, and I'll be there!

I need to chat about writing anyway... I'm soooo behind on my own stuff that it's just sad...

Hey hey!! You haven't fallen off the face of the planet, have you? I want more Luke and Adam!!

PM me if you're available this upcoming weekend, and we shall get together and talk of story things!! I've been suffering from some awful writer's block too and it is high time to get rid of it!

Sorry about the pause! Life has been kind of crazy. I was actually just going to write you and ask if you'd be available soon. My AIM screenname is esotericfallacy1 because apparently ages ago I opened another account on AOL that was esotericfallacy, and I can never get that info back. >.>

The weekends are actually kind of tricky for me, just because there seem to be a lot of social gatherings during that time, but I would love if we could chat soon and try to help one another get over our blocks. We'll find a way to make it work, I'm sure. If you happen to have any time at all during this week, I have some very rare time to myself for several days, so let me know if you happen to be free. Thanks! I look forward to chatting with you, either way. ^^

I have added and messaged you! :) My aim is tsuyunoinochi98. I didn't make another tsuyunoinochi account and lose it's information, but just added the 98 after it because it felt right. *shrugs*

I will try hard to meet with you during the weekdays! I work a LOT, but I'm usually chilling on my computer during the nights before bed for like an hour or two so we could meet then!

I'll be on for maybe another hour or so if you want to meet up now for a bit.

Cool, I added you! If you sent me a message through aim, I didn't get it, though. I'm using Trillian, so maybe it's just weird or something. I'm still getting used to it. Anyway, thanks for getting on to chat with me, whenever you can. ^^ I understand having to work a lot, so no pressure. Good luck there! I actually got on and saw you right as you got off, apparently. Bad timing on my part. But hopefully I'll catch you on again soon. ^^

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