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Updates on chapter four~
Chapter four is almost done!

If I could stay home all day and do the final edits, I would, but today I have to go do something for a film project I'm working on. Tomorrow, though... I really hope it doesn't take very long, because I just wanna get this thing posted. I have no idea why it's taken me so long to get it finished. I think it was mostly that I wrote something out, and it was all wrong, so I had to rewrite it. Rewriting is harder than just writing, because you have a hard time letting go of the parts you do like, and sometimes you spend too much time looking for ways to fix it.

So I got over it, started moving things around. There's still one scene that needs to really be cleaned up, but it's less daunting now, and I think I know how I'll do it. I'm praying to the writing gods that I get this up by the end of this weekend. I want to start working on chapter five already, and I've made people wait too long for four, argh.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. I'm not dead, and there should be a new chapter very soon. It is completely different from the chapter that it was two months ago, but it means less beating around the bush about a certain... element. I hope you guys enjoy it when it's done, but right now, I should probably focus on just getting it finished.


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