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I may be talking to myself by this point, but...
I am so, so sorry for vanishing. Again. I kind of hate myself, because I swore I wouldn't do this, and here I am. That means from now on, I just can't trust myself to post unfinished fics. My new rule is that I have to have the first draft completely written and at least several chapters cleaned up and ready to post. I can't keep doing this to people, and I also want my readers to be able to trust me when I say a post is coming.

That in mind, Dark Skies Looming Over is STILL going to finish. I'm working on it, bit by bit. But I won't start posting again until the first book is complete so that I never make people wait like this again. I feel so bad about it, and it keeps giving me anxiety, so I just need to do it like this from now on.

See, sometimes I want to post things right away. I crave the feedback. I want to feel like people care about what I write, like it isn't just for nothing. But that's incredibly selfish when I can't even follow through. So lesson learned, as hard as it can be to wait. I'm working on several projects right now that I think could be great as soon as they're done. I also have a novel or two that I'm working on with traditional publishing in mind, so those won't be appearing here, of course. Though I probably will post excerpts, etc.

Anyway, this post is for anyone who may still be watching out there. Please know that all of my projects will be finished eventually, and next time I start to post anything, it will be written to the point that, save for tragedy and such beyond my control, deadlines will always be met. I'm very excited about finishing DSLO, and I'm even more excited about getting into Gutter--the dark, futuristic political rebellion fic--as well as Slaying Gods and Torment Ascendeth, two new projects that I think will be pretty awesome if I can just get myself to focus.

I have a lot going on in my life right now, and it scares me a little. I have more time to write than most people, but it gets filled up with a balance of other responsibilities and endless anxiety, with a hint of depression to spice it up. It's frustrating, because I just want to get my stuff out there. But I want it to be quality writing. If I didn't care about quality, this would all be easier, but then I think less people would be interested, wouldn't you say?

Hope you're all doing well, and again, sorry for the pauses. I'm going to try to start posting new chapters of one of my projects beginning early next year, hopefully before April. I'm aiming to release Torment Ascendeth because it has several similarities to DSLO with a darker feel and a heavier amount of action. I have four chapters written, and with luck, I may be able to finish a first draft before the spring. Fingers crossed.

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Hello there! I (we) understand RL can be very hard so when you do come back that's just more love to give you when you do start posting again.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the support and understanding. Your comment really made my day, so thanks again.

Trust me, we are still here with you and everyone understands about life getting in the way of the things we really want to do. I know that I personally, have been following your various stories for years and don't mind waiting for the conclusion. I would rather have you be happy with your work than just churn out something you aren't proud to put your name to. I can say that your writing is higher quality than a lot of the stuff I've seen out there, otherwise I wouldn't have stuck around for as long as I have. Keep up the great work and remember that there are people out there who are willing to be patient. (I also understand your need for feedback. I am the same way. With Livejournal dying slowly like it is, it's harder and harder to get. Even though I only post real entries for friends, most of them have moved on.)

I look forward to the conclusion of DSLO as well as some of your older pieces that have also been put on hiatus. They will happen eventually. You can't force art.

Thank you so much! This was a really sweet and helpful comment. Seriously, it's great just to know that, if nothing else, I still have a few awesome readers out there. And I agree that the death of LJ is making writing online harder. I really miss the days when you could post something and get tons of feedback. I'm not really sure what source to tap into now, but I post my writing all over, so I guess we'll see.

I want to be able to post these things consistently, so I need to write quite a bit before I post, but you're correct--they will be posted eventually. I'm always working on them bit by bit. Thank you so much for being patient with me and for supporting me for so long! It means so much.

Good luck with your endeavors in writing. I know that writing (at least for me) isn't very easy and is even harder when you set yourself to a deadline. Really kills the creative juices. You seem to have a lot of good ideas in your head. Just give them time to work themselves out and it will all be good. Those of us that have been with you this long can wait a little longer. :)

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