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The chapters of all current projects are kept in the memories section. Here are some direct links to take you to whichever story you're interested in finding:

* Dark Skies Looming Over (ON TEMPORARY HIATUS)
* List of Oneshots
* Torment Ascendeth

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I may be talking to myself by this point, but...
I am so, so sorry for vanishing. Again. I kind of hate myself, because I swore I wouldn't do this, and here I am. That means from now on, I just can't trust myself to post unfinished fics. My new rule is that I have to have the first draft completely written and at least several chapters cleaned up and ready to post. I can't keep doing this to people, and I also want my readers to be able to trust me when I say a post is coming.

That in mind, Dark Skies Looming Over is STILL going to finish. I'm working on it, bit by bit. But I won't start posting again until the first book is complete so that I never make people wait like this again. I feel so bad about it, and it keeps giving me anxiety, so I just need to do it like this from now on.

See, sometimes I want to post things right away. I crave the feedback. I want to feel like people care about what I write, like it isn't just for nothing. But that's incredibly selfish when I can't even follow through. So lesson learned, as hard as it can be to wait. I'm working on several projects right now that I think could be great as soon as they're done. I also have a novel or two that I'm working on with traditional publishing in mind, so those won't be appearing here, of course. Though I probably will post excerpts, etc.

Anyway, this post is for anyone who may still be watching out there. Please know that all of my projects will be finished eventually, and next time I start to post anything, it will be written to the point that, save for tragedy and such beyond my control, deadlines will always be met. I'm very excited about finishing DSLO, and I'm even more excited about getting into Gutter--the dark, futuristic political rebellion fic--as well as Slaying Gods and Torment Ascendeth, two new projects that I think will be pretty awesome if I can just get myself to focus.

I have a lot going on in my life right now, and it scares me a little. I have more time to write than most people, but it gets filled up with a balance of other responsibilities and endless anxiety, with a hint of depression to spice it up. It's frustrating, because I just want to get my stuff out there. But I want it to be quality writing. If I didn't care about quality, this would all be easier, but then I think less people would be interested, wouldn't you say?

Hope you're all doing well, and again, sorry for the pauses. I'm going to try to start posting new chapters of one of my projects beginning early next year, hopefully before April. I'm aiming to release Torment Ascendeth because it has several similarities to DSLO with a darker feel and a heavier amount of action. I have four chapters written, and with luck, I may be able to finish a first draft before the spring. Fingers crossed.

Not Dead
Sorry, yet again, for making everyone wait. I'm the worst. I AM still working on Dark skies, it's just taking a while. Because I don't ever want to do this to you guys again, I'm trying to get at least ten mostly polished chapters written before I start posting again, so that that way I have at least ten months of buffer, since lord knows I have made people wait that long and longer. I will never, EVER again post an unfinished project, at least not one that isn't mostly finished. It just stresses me out, and then I end up lucky enough to have awesome readers, and then those readers are disappointed in the end because I don't follow through. So what I'm trying to say is, there WILL be another update of Dark Skies, and I'm really, REALLY hoping it will be this year, BUT once it happens, you won't have to wait forever again, because I'll have at least ten chapters written, like I said.

Once again, I'm so sorry for taking as long as I have, and thank you so much, all of you who have stuck with me through this.

Keeps getting better
I am so, so sorry it's taken me so long to post, guys. I feel awful about it, but the world is clearly trying to take me out. August was the month from hell. I ran into so many issues, it was almost unreal. The least horrifying but most frustrating aspect is that my internet is inexplicably going out for the majority of the day, and sixteen phone calls and five tech visits later, they still have no idea why and can't seem to fix it. I have to wait until next Friday for more info on that, and it really sucks.

The worst, I'd say, was probably almost dying at the beginning of the month after going into anaphylactic shock. Hurray! I was in the hospital for a few days, and after that, a series of other medical issues came up, for whatever reason. So there's been a lovely spectrum of suck over the past few weeks. Plus I have several film projects that I've been failing to properly start due to all of the other crap. If only life had a pause button. I would catch up on everything like crazy.

For those of you who still believe in me, thank you so, so much for your patience. I'm trying to get at least the rough versions of several chapters out before I post again, but chapter five of Dark Skies is pretty close to being finished. If the world will allow me a moment to breathe, I can probably get it up in a week or two. But if my luck so far is any indication, it'll be up in five years. So... between a week and five years! Any day now! In all seriousness, probably one to two weeks, but we'll see.

My confidence has drooped, but I've managed to fix a big issue that was holding the story back, so I have my fingers crossed. Here's hoping we can get this show on the road soon, because I wanna get to the good stuff.

I hope you all are doing well! Thanks for hanging in there with me. <3

Updates on DSLO and a new project
Every time I feel like I should scrap Dark Skies Looming Over because I took so long to release a chapter, twice, and I think my readers have fled, I get a really awesome message from someone and I get excited about the project again. Not that I'm truly going to abandon the fic, I promise. I just get frustrated with myself sometimes. I have a series of large projects coming up, and I'm feeling stuck on chapter five. It's actually pretty much written, but it's very first draft, and I can't seem to focus enough to polish it. Which sucks, because I need to get six and seven written so that I can maintain that once a month update despite a chaotic filming schedule this summer.

Anyway, that should be done soon. I just feel bad because Dark Skies is still starting, so I'm leaving people confused and hanging. But once I get chapter five out, I will do my absolute best to not let more than a month pass in between updates.

That in mind, I've definitely learned my lesson. I'm not 17 anymore, and though I'm very glad my writing has improved since then, it also means that I can't just crank out a chapter a week like I used to. So my next project, the one I plan to run simultaneously with DSLO, is going to be at least a quarter of the way written before I even start to post it. At the moment, the story is called Gutter, but that could change. I'm currently looking at a late fall release date. We'll see.

A bit about my upcoming project, Gutter...Collapse )

I'm actually really excited about this project and already have the first chapter written. I plan to have about ten or so before I start to release it, and I hope to update every two to three weeks, rather than every month. We'll see how that goes.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know where I'm at. I hope all of you are doing well! Fingers crossed that I'll have a new chapter for you very soon.

On the Tumblr bandwagon
Hey guys! So, I have a Tumblr now at the persuasion of one of my readers. Here's the link to my account if you'd like to follow me:


It's interesting so far, taking a little getting used to. But if you use Tumblr more than LJ, feel free to add me there! I still haven't posted chapters 3 and 4, but once I'm caught up, my LJ and my Tumblr will basically mirror each other.

I still have a twitter account, but it seems like most of my readers prefer keeping up with me through LJ and y!gallery, so I'm debating whether or not I should keep it. However, if you'd like to add me there as well, you can find it here:


Hope you're all doing well! I'm working hard on chapter five and I hope to get it posted by the end of the month.

Writing, writing...
The really annoying thing about posting a fic so many different places is that when you make a mistake or have to adjust some things, you have to do it everywhere and in different ways. Two of the places I post have rules on content, so I edit those versions and can't just copy and paste my new version. Plus some allow html, which is how I write the chapters, and others have a weird sort of-html type system, or RTF which I hate, especially with one site that forces you to use it and always causes problems. Super annoying.

Anyway, enough about that. I just felt like complaining. So I still have to edit chapter five of Dark Skies, but I'm getting there. I'm going to try to to stick to a once a month at least update schedule, and I hope that isn't too much of a pause. I write long chapters, and they take a lot of effort, so that's why it takes me longer. If I were to just scribble something out, there'd be quicker updates, but I don't want to sacrifice quality. One of my friends suggested to me that the story would be easier to read if it were a book and not something being submitted by chapter. Actually, a few people have said that, and I know it's true, so I hope putting up summaries will help in the future. I never intended for this to be such a slow boil, but here we are.

Thank you to those who have read and commented! I really appreciate it, and I hope you continue to enjoy it. It's interesting to me where people fall on the opinion scale; for some, chapters three and four are where the real fun begins, while others liked the simplicity and banter in chapter two. And I know that others are still waiting for that moment of clarity. Hoping I can deliver soon.

By the way, I have some of the best, most encouraging and awesome readers ever! I feel so lucky to have so many great people following Dark Skies. Thank you, everyone. ^^

Aaaaand silence.
So, as you may or may not have noticed, I have been gone for over a month. It's been far longer than I intended, and I feel badly about that, but a lot has come up. For one, I've had a lot of tragedy popping up lately. But mostly it's just because I've felt stuck, and the person I talked to to help me get my creative juices flowing has left me for the time being. No clue when she'll be back.

That doesn't mean I can't create on my own, oh no. I do fully intend on keeping this and any other project going until the end! I just fell a bit behind. I know some of you have probably grown impatient with me and moved on, and I understand. It can be hard to wait that long for a single chapter. I wanted to take some time and build up a lot of buffer, but life has just been kind of hectic lately. Maybe I'll get a chance next week, but I think that'll mean locking myself in my apartment and turning off my phone. Heh, maybe I should do that.

At any rate, Luke and Adam will be back soon, and I have a few other projects that I'm hoping to eventually start posting this year. I wish I were better at juggling projects like I was when I was younger. I get too distracted these days.

I hope you're all well, and I'm sorry for yet another long absence. I just wanted you to know that the story wasn't abandoned, and I'll be back soon enough. Thank you to all of those who stuck with me!

Fic: Dark Skies Looming Over- Chapter Four
Finally, a new chapter! I apologize for the long pause between updates. You don't know how badly I wanted to just finish this chapter and get it out there. Unfortunately, I ran into some pretty unpleasant circumstances in November, when I'd intended to post it the first time. The yucky stuff lasted until the beginning of January, but now life is sort of busy in a more pleasant way.

I felt bad because the first draft of this chapter was significantly shorter than the other three and I'd already made you guys wait so long. I had to cut out three different scenes that just weren't working for me. Then I finally pinpointed what I wanted, and I completely rewrote it. Now it's the longest chapter by far, lmao.

Anyway, I'm sorry for making you wait, but thank you so much to those of you who stuck with me anyway! This chapter may really decide who stays and who goes at this point. The mood and theme are much more apparent here, and all of my warnings are starting to come into play. Either way, I hope you guys like it.

Title: Dark Skies Looming Over
Author: Esoteric Fallacy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Prostitution, Violence, Abuse, Sex, Drugs, etc.
Archive: Chapter One, Chapter Two, and Chapter Three

Summary: Adam is a jaded, cynical man, hardly living and perfectly content in his misery, until an act of kindness drags him into a twisted world that will change his life forever.



*Thanks for reading!*

P.S. If you'd like to be notified of fic updates, please go (HERE) and leave your e-mail address in the comments. They're screened, so no one will see it but me. Thank you!

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Updates on chapter four~
Chapter four is almost done!

If I could stay home all day and do the final edits, I would, but today I have to go do something for a film project I'm working on. Tomorrow, though... I really hope it doesn't take very long, because I just wanna get this thing posted. I have no idea why it's taken me so long to get it finished. I think it was mostly that I wrote something out, and it was all wrong, so I had to rewrite it. Rewriting is harder than just writing, because you have a hard time letting go of the parts you do like, and sometimes you spend too much time looking for ways to fix it.

So I got over it, started moving things around. There's still one scene that needs to really be cleaned up, but it's less daunting now, and I think I know how I'll do it. I'm praying to the writing gods that I get this up by the end of this weekend. I want to start working on chapter five already, and I've made people wait too long for four, argh.

Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. I'm not dead, and there should be a new chapter very soon. It is completely different from the chapter that it was two months ago, but it means less beating around the bush about a certain... element. I hope you guys enjoy it when it's done, but right now, I should probably focus on just getting it finished.