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esotericfallacy's Journal

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Hi there! I abandoned this thing, as well as most of my fics, for roughly four years. I started focusing on serious writing, and I really let my fic writing die. I'm very sad to have let that happen, so here's my attempt to get it going again!

All of my online original fics will be posted here, as well as certain anime or fandom related posts. I do not write fanfiction. At least I haven't yet. So if you're hoping for any of that, sorry!

If you want to be on the mailing list to receive e-mail notifications whenever a story is updated, please CLICK HERE and leave your e-mail address in a comment. All of the comments are screened, so no one will have your e-mail address but me.

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Here's a tentative list of projects and posting time periods that I'm hoping to achieve. It will likely change often, and I'll try to keep it updated.

Current Projects:

* Dark Skies Looming Over (Last updated 06/22/12, official temp hiatus as of 11/22/13)

Future Projects:

* Torment Ascendeth (Early to mid 2014)
* Gutter (Late 2014 or early 2015)

On Hiatus:

* Lock and Key re-write (Should restart in 2015)
* Moon Rites (TBD)
* 101 (TBD)


* Forget-Me-Not (Oneshot)