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Keeps getting better
I am so, so sorry it's taken me so long to post, guys. I feel awful about it, but the world is clearly trying to take me out. August was the month from hell. I ran into so many issues, it was almost unreal. The least horrifying but most frustrating aspect is that my internet is inexplicably going out for the majority of the day, and sixteen phone calls and five tech visits later, they still have no idea why and can't seem to fix it. I have to wait until next Friday for more info on that, and it really sucks.

The worst, I'd say, was probably almost dying at the beginning of the month after going into anaphylactic shock. Hurray! I was in the hospital for a few days, and after that, a series of other medical issues came up, for whatever reason. So there's been a lovely spectrum of suck over the past few weeks. Plus I have several film projects that I've been failing to properly start due to all of the other crap. If only life had a pause button. I would catch up on everything like crazy.

For those of you who still believe in me, thank you so, so much for your patience. I'm trying to get at least the rough versions of several chapters out before I post again, but chapter five of Dark Skies is pretty close to being finished. If the world will allow me a moment to breathe, I can probably get it up in a week or two. But if my luck so far is any indication, it'll be up in five years. So... between a week and five years! Any day now! In all seriousness, probably one to two weeks, but we'll see.

My confidence has drooped, but I've managed to fix a big issue that was holding the story back, so I have my fingers crossed. Here's hoping we can get this show on the road soon, because I wanna get to the good stuff.

I hope you all are doing well! Thanks for hanging in there with me. <3

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I'm so sorry about all your troubles. I hope things get better for you this month. Just take care of yourself first.

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