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On the Tumblr bandwagon
Hey guys! So, I have a Tumblr now at the persuasion of one of my readers. Here's the link to my account if you'd like to follow me:

It's interesting so far, taking a little getting used to. But if you use Tumblr more than LJ, feel free to add me there! I still haven't posted chapters 3 and 4, but once I'm caught up, my LJ and my Tumblr will basically mirror each other.

I still have a twitter account, but it seems like most of my readers prefer keeping up with me through LJ and y!gallery, so I'm debating whether or not I should keep it. However, if you'd like to add me there as well, you can find it here:!/EsotericFallacy

Hope you're all doing well! I'm working hard on chapter five and I hope to get it posted by the end of the month.

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I added your Tumblr to my list there, but you don't have to follow back. It's been ages since I posted a new photo on the photoblog, which is the main Tumblr blog. I have others, but nothing you'd be interested in, I think. You'll find more of my stuff here on LJ.

That's okay, I'll still follow you back, just in case you do start posting. ^^ And thanks for the add!

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